Swiggy New Coupon Code – February 2020

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

ShoppingMantraS.com sharing details on Swiggy New Coupon Code – February 2020. Get 40% upto Rs.75 use code showing below to get discount on your food order. You can use below code 5 times on minimum order value Rs.129. Just order food and apply promocode/coupon code showing below to get 40% off, upto Rs.75. Make sure you select payment method Paytm/Cash. You can use this coupon/promo code upto 5 times, before 1st March 2020.

Swiggy New Coupon Code – February 2020

Apply Promocode – FEBGIFT

How to get this offer:-

  • Visit Offer Page or open swiggy app.
  • Order food with minimum Rs.129
  • choose payment method Paytm/Cash
  • Apply coupon code showing above.
  • you can use this code in 5 times before 1-March-2020.
  • Enjoy

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